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What is a Sneeze Guard?

Acrylic sneeze guards are transparent, clear acrylic sheets that can be installed anywhere using standard tools and do not require special sneeze guard mounting hardware. Sneeze guards can prevent the spread of germs at checkout registers, restaurants, and other critical areas by acting as a physical barrier that stops germs from reaching beyond the glass. They are durable, lightweight, and more impact resistant than glass while retaining similar optical qualities. These sheets can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners.

How can I protect my Cashiers while keeping my customers comfortable?

Protect your Customers & Cashiers by reducing the Transmission and spreading of Germs.

Resource OSHA.gov

During a pandemic, engineering controls may be effective in reducing exposure to some sources of pandemic influenza and not others. For example, installing sneeze guards between customers and employees would provide a barrier to transmission. The use of barrier protections, such as sneeze guards, is common practice for both infection control and industrial hygiene. However, while the installation of sneeze guards may reduce or prevent transmission between customers and employees, transmission may still occur between coworkers. Therefore, administrative controls and public health measures should be implemented along with engineering controls.

Where can I use a Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze Guards and barriers protect your employees and customers from pathogens, bacteria and germs.

We have worked with a wide range of companies to build custom plastic Sneeze Guards and barriers for retail and grocery stores.

Sneeze Guards and barriers protect your employees and customers from pathogens, bacteria and germs.

Sneeze Guards are recommended and often times required for restaurants with buffets, hosptial/school cafeterias, portable food carts, self-serve fast food displays, grocery stores and retail stores.

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While the specific regulations for food shields/sneeze guards can vary, these basic rules apply across the board:

The height of any food guard needs to be tall enough for the average customer, who is between 5 and 6 feet tall.

A buffet sneeze guard should blend in with the decor of the restaurant. Frame color, shield size and installation affect the appearance of a restaurant.

All sneeze guards, including custom made sneeze guards, must not be movable by the customer or staff. Swinging sneeze guards cannot protect food.

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